About us

Salvi was established in 1920 in Milano as a private company and it joined in 2002 Sicame, an international group which comprises 51 companies operating in 21 countries and selling in over 120 worldwide.

Salvi is specialized in design and manufacture of products for high voltage overhead transmission lines and for railways electrification.

Thanks to an highly qualified Engineering Department and to a Laboratory that can carry-out all the tests required by our range of products, Salvi offers for all the above products,
an absolute reliability, flexibility, maximum versatility and the right answer for the solution of any problems.

Both our products and services are satisfying a fundamental principle in the field of power lines: safety shall always be kept the main objective.

Under this point of view hardware, fittings and damping systems are so important as towers, conductors and insulators.

Salvi is also specialised in executing projects that have a high technological content

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